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The Gardener's Friend Bypass Pruners for Small Hands, These Pruning Shears are Lightweight and Easy to Use. Ideal for Ladies and Men Gardeners with Small or Weak Hands Perfect Garden Gift

Announcing! – The Gardener’s Friends Lightweight Bypass Pruners. A perfect size for ladies or men with smaller hands. This tool is very lightweight and easy to use. Only weighs – 121 grams, (4.25 oz.). We have had many requests for a pair of pruners for folks with smaller hands. Our TGF Ratchet Pruners are great for most applications but for those with very small hands another solution was required! But…it is made with very well crafted 2 piece construction with tough, easy to hold neoprene handgrips. It even has a small loop for a lanyard. If you loved the TGF ratchet pruners you will certainly enjoy this tool as well. For longer term use and storage we highly recommend a wipe down with a little light oil after each use. Thus preventing rust and stiffness for your next use. This also ensures the lock/latch will work well and not seize us and the blades will stay sharp and clean. The two parts of these pruners are connected together with a lock nut that should not loosen under normal use. Frankly, there is no reason that this very ergonomically designed pruning tool will not last forever. We are proud to introduce this new product to our marketplace.

  • MOST PRUNERS TOO LARGE FOR YOU? – Perfect for people like us with small hands.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE – Many best-selling brands are just too big or too heavy. Makes up to half inch cuts with ease.
  • EASY OPEN, EASY CLOSE LATCH – Just flip open or closed with your thumb.
  • EASY HOLD HAND GRIP – Perfect “feel” for smaller hands
  • GREAT GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS OR ANYTIME! Order now in time for the Holiday Season, great stocking stuffer!
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