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TGF 3-Stage Ratchet Pruning Shears

The great benefit of TGF ratchet pruners is simply to make it easier for people to prune.  I am very impressed with this tool having spent many years pruning in my orchards and nursery.

Here are the main features:

TGF ratchet pruners
  • Lightweight – 219 g. (7.7 oz)
  • Strong aluminum alloy construction
  • Soft acrylic hand piece (easy on your palm)
  • Rugged and sharp  replaceable “high carbon steel” blade
  • Finger guide makes handling easy
  • Multi-stage ratchet action (sometimes three, sometimes more)
  • Right or left handed safety release
  • Oiling sponge mounted on handle
  • Channel Coated Anvil to protect blade

The pruner has far more features and provides more functional benefits than any other garden pruners we have seen on the market. If there was anything better for this purpose we would be selling them!  Working in the field with these is truly a joy.

They cut so cleanly, smooth and easily.  Even in branches up to 1 inch!  With conventional hand pruners you would wreck your hands trying to do this!  (I know from “first hand” experience!).

What I have found is that even with rather severe hand mobility problems I can still prune comfortably for hours.  I just can’t do this now with regular, even top quality pruning shears.  I love Felcos but where I am in life, these are clearly the answer.

If your hands ache after pruning or you just can’t do it anymore. I recommend you give these a try.

TGF Garden Pruners features

These are the things I love about our pruning shears:

  1. It takes way less pressure to make a cut!
  2. The soft acrylic hand grip is noticeably easier on the hands.
  3. I can sleep at night (my hands used to be so numb I couldn’t sleep)
  4. I don’t tire from the weight of them, really lightweight.
  5. The little sponge easily wipes off any pitch or diseased parts. 
  6. They just feel "right" in your hands!

There are a few things you need to be cautious about.

  • You have to be careful not to lose the little sponge
  • You have to be careful not to cut yourself, they are so sharp
  • You have to use them as intended (if you use them as a screwdriver you will break the blade.

All I can say is click here now and order your own set of Gardener’s Friend Pruners while they are still in stock. The pruning tool is now available to other amazon marketplaces:

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PS:  Amazon ships these to you free of freight charges and that’s pretty cool!  And... you’ll have them in a very few days.

PPS: We provide a full lifetime warranty on this product.  Send us your broken one and we will replace it free of charge.  (Does not include broken blades as this is always due to misuse!)

PPPS:  Inside the package you will find a little card with a website address on it.  Just go in there and log into the special password protected site and submit your name and email and you will have instant access to a full 15 minutes of hands on training about how to use your ratchet pruners and how to correctly prune trees.

PPPPS: As an extra special purchasing bonus, watch your emails from signing up for our TGF newsletter and we will send you a special eBook report on pruning called “Pruning! – The How and the Why (and the When!)”